Quit Talking. Start Doing And Change Your Life.

Please Cut The BS In Your Life

Are you frustrated in some manner with where you are at?

Or perhaps you are not playing the 'game' of life at the level you really could.

I know the feeling.

And wherever your head/life space is right now - well tell the truth it doesn't really matter

I made this course more for myself than I did for you. So I don't really care if you purchase it or not.

But since you are here - here is what I will tell you.

I recorded this course when I was going through an extremely transformative moment in my life. Lot's of breakage, moments of self reflection and MASSIVE motherf*cking action taking.

I've spent too too far long making excuses for my own sub-par performances. And I'm not talking about with my '5km run' or some such crap (although that too); but in the game of life.

I'd silently lie to myself first, and then the world with rationalising for 'why' that thing I had spoken about or silently said to myself hadn't happened.

And in doing so, I've been killing my potential, limiting my possibilities and ultimately not living powerfully.

I was trapped (and am still working through) my supremely well developed level of BS.

So well now, I've got myself a swim coach, an accountability coach, and I'm doing the landmark forum - and outside in some might look at me and say 'Deepak you don't need that sh*t you're already a high performer'.

23 marathons. 2 Ironmen. Trained British Solider. Muay Thai Fighter. Living in Central London. Running a remote business that does 25k in recurring revenue, won a couple of awards for my agency and rising business man etc.

Gosh. It really makes me angry (with myself) and what I allowed. That you list a load of accolades then roll over and play dead and stop striving.

And in doing so you start failing. You fail your family, the people that you love, those around you and most importantly yourself.

Listen if you intend/or already are a high performer - than let me tell you and make no bones about it. It's your f*cking duty to live in your top 1%.

That's why I made this course. For you my friends, and also myself - to make sure I act in continual service of being an all out action taker and making that my deeply ingrained M.O.

To your success my friends. To your success.

Let's get some.

Your Instructor

Deepak Shukla
Deepak Shukla

Deepak Shukla is a 24x Marathon runner, 4x Ultramarathon Runner, 2x Ironman, 2x Half Ironman, 1 Fight TKO Muay Thai, a Trained British Soldier and has 40% body coverage in tattoos.

If you want a man who likes to get things done then he is your guy. Founder of Pearl Lemon, a range of digital marketing courses and more.

You can see what he's up to on Instagram, or catch him on YouTube.

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